How to Build the Perfect Sales Playbook

Without Relying on Marketing Ever Again | taught by Ken Krogue

Course description

Ken Krogue, founder of, shares best practices for creating sales plays. Sales leaders and serious front-line sales managers learn the CLOSERS Model™ to design and test the perfect playbook for your sales situation. This is the primary model that Ken teaches in his live three day BaseCamp training that costs $4,500 per participant.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Three foundational sales campaigns upon which every other campaign is built
  • Two sales qualification strategies that 73% of inside sales departments use
  • List and lead tactics that helped close’s first big customers and helped them attain a 13x increase in results
  • Insights from three different research studies that changed the landscape of the entire sales industry
  • Three marketing strategies make sales teams self sufficient to hit sales quotas and close deals on their own
  • Five critical skill sets that every sales rep needs to succeed
  • Find the one lever that you always move first and seven other levers to help get a 3.4x increase in results without an increase in marketing spend
  • How to plan your reporting strategies with the seven levels of reporting to drive the key performance Indicators that matter
  • How to wrap it all up with systemization and automation strategies that you can apply immediately
Ken Krogue
Ken Krogue
Founder and President,