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How to Build the Perfect Sales Playbook Without Relying on Marketing Ever Again

Sales leaders and serious front-line sales experts learn to apply the CLOSERS Modelâ„¢ to formulate sales campaigns that produce incredible results.


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[Research] How to Build the Ultimate Sales Cadence for Leads

We examine the research that reveals the five components of cadence and provide best practices for you to build your own.


The Starbucks Coffee Play

Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques one sales rep used to build $700k in sales pipeline.


How to Build a Winning Cadence

Work with our experts to create a research-based sales cadence to contact and qualify your prospects.


How to Identify Target Accounts and Contacts

Sales has to start with targeting the right accounts and contacts. We call this the "WHO". After the "WHO", you need to master the "WHY" and the "WHAT".


How to Perform Pre-Call Research

Discover the fundamentals in finding information to make your inital conversation with the prospect relevant and personal.


How to Master The First Call Sequence

Sales reps don't need scripts but they do need structure. The First Call Sequence provides a best-practice structure to optimize the first conversation sales reps have with prospects.


How to Execute an ANUM Qualification

Discover which qualification model is most appropriate and learn how to build a qualification model into your day-to-day activities.


How to Master the Basics of Sales Development

We establish the definition of sales development and provide a foundational understanding to the key aspects of this emerging role in sales.


How to Sell Using Social

Learn tactical tips that will help you sell using social media tools such as LinkedIn.


How SDRs Can Effectively Partner w/Account Executives

Understanding each other's role and the 5Ss of great partnering puts both SDRs and AEs on the path to success.


How to Successfully Use Playbooks

Learn how to set up, configure, and utilize the Playbooks platform. Walk through the steps necessary to get you and your team up and running.


How to Win With PowerDialer

Learn how to set up, configure, and optimize the PowerDialer for your sales development reps.


[Research] How the End of the Month is Killing Companies

Time-Based Closing Strategies: The High Cost of Procrastination report examines the hockey-stick effect that occurs in businesses at the end of the month and the end of the quarter.


[Research] How to Reach Busy Decision Makers

The Evolution of Communication report examines different communication methods at work and at home and discusses how these trends effect sales.


[Research] How to Generate Leads and Pipeline

The Optimal Lead Generation Methods report examines what sales and marketing strategies raise awareness, generate leads, and build sales pipeline.

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[Research] How to be Successful Using A.I.

The State of Artificial Intelligence report examines current industry trends and the opinions of consumers and business regarding A.I.


2013 - 2016 Research Studies

Gain access to Labs research reports from 2013-2016.


Sales Development Certification (SDR) Exam


Playbooks Plays

In this course you'll gain access to best practice Playbooks plays for you to download and utilize. For Playmakers, success is just one play away.